This is the most promising sector of the laundry industry in Poland. We provide laundry services to the largest industrial and processing plants in Poland. These are entities which employ over 1,000 employees. Our extensive chain of laundry plants and a newly-opened laundry in Sierpc dedicated to this sector ( mean we are able to expand our services to new recipients who value the quality of their services and their customers' safety.

Since May 2016, Hollywood Rental has been offering its services in a newly-established laundry plant equipped with all the machinery necessary to provide comprehensive services in the field of work clothing rental. It has large warehouses to store winter and summer collections. The machinery, with its RFID system, allows us to collect clothes and deliver them to individual plant's employees' lockers. We provide services to heavy industry and chemical plants, among others, and rent work clothing to processing and food plants that have implemented HACCP procedures.