We currently offer a full range of bedlinen and surgical linen (barrier), as well as protective clothes and barrier clothes for healthcare workers. We work only with reputable manufacturers offering products intended for professional use, and we process the laundry at our own plants. This allows us to provide our customers with textiles comprising the perfect combination of quality, strength and durability.

We provide advisory services to customers and help them to choose the best solution for them. As a part of our service, we:

  1. make individual arrangements with each customer – choosing the collection and the materials, measuring each employee and putting the customer's logo on the articles;
  2. purchase textiles according to individual arrangements with the customer;
  3. mark the linen and medical clothing using electronic chips with RFID technology and bar codes;
  4. provide specialist transportation of rented linen and clothing;
  5. provide systematic laundering, cleaning and maintenance of rented textiles;
  6. provide full quality control of the laundered linen and clothing;
  7. repair damaged items of bedlinen or protective clothing;
  8. provide constant supervision by a dedicated advisor over the proper provision of the service.

Benefits of our service:

  • elimination of the cost of purchasing bedlinen and work clothing for personnel;
  • even distribution of costs over time;
  • handing over responsibilities related to managing bedlinen and protective clothing used by patients and medical personnel, i.e. the laundering, servicing and transportation of clothing;
  • adjusting the quantity of goods according to changes in the number of patients and employed personnel;
  • precise record of items thanks to the use of chips with RFID technology;
  • rationalisation of expenditure and reduction in the cost of healthcare facilities.

By listening carefully to our customers, we are able to react to the needs of the market and implement new solutions, for example the distribution machines used in the medical industry and in large industrial facilities.

In healthcare, such distribution machines are usually used in operating theatres. They allow the distribution and collection of surgical clothes in a clear, maintenance-free way. In practice, it works as follows: The clothing is marked with RFID chips (tags). Each individual logs into the system with a personal card and collects the clothing necessary to perform the surgery. Following the procedure, the clothes are returned to the collection device in the distribution machine, from where they are transported to the laundry. After laundering, the clothes go back to the distribution machine. All activity is documented and no maintenance from personnel is required. The machine provides added value by helping with facility management. It registers all activity and collects data about the flow of surgical clothing: who collected what amount, when it happened and when it was returned.