HOLLYWOOD S.A. is the controlling entity in the Hollywood Corporate Group. The group has a holding structure in which Hollywood S.A. operates via subsidiaries.

Companies from Hollywood Group manage highly qualified teams of experienced professionals from various sectors of the laundry industry and rental of working clothes and bedlinen as well as other textile products.

The business was started in 1995 by the company’s founder, Adam Konieczkowski. The company has been establishing relations with customers since the very beginning, as customers are of the greatest value. A team of passionate and committed employees, modern technology and professional service have resulted in us receiving the recognition of our customers.

Individual companies from the group provide complementary services. This allows the group to fulfil complex contracts with high expectations in terms of quality and time, and also contracts that give the group an opportunity to receive a better rate of return.

All services are provided using state-of-the-art technology and environment-friendly measures and equipment. Most of the activities that make the process of doing laundry are automated; the participation of the human factor has been minimised.

Installed devices controlled by an integrated computer system guarantee a constantly high level of production repeatability.

All these factors allow us to maintain our position as a leader in the textile rental and servicing industry, both in terms of the technology used and the quality of services provided.