The mission of Hollywood S.A. Corporate Group is to provide customers with products and services of the highest quality in the field of laundry.

We want to be the preferred and most highly valued provider of laundry services and textile rentals in Poland. We focus on the individual expectations of customers and the flexible establishment of solid business relations. Our activities are economically effective. The decisions we make are ecologically responsible and have a positive impact on the environment.

We want to make our laundry facilities those most willingly chosen by customers, and to enable our customers to achieve above-average results. Our strategy is focussed on the further consolidation of the marketplace, leading to acquisition of new subsidiaries by the group, thereby increasing the availability of our services to customers. We want to achieve a constant, high level of service reaching every region in Poland.


The vision of the group is to strengthen its position as the leading provider of comprehensive laundry services and textile rentals in the Polish market. Being a pioneer that implements state-of-the-art technological solutions, the group defines the directions of development of the whole industry by use of the highest operating standards.

The main purposes of the establishment of Hollywood S.A. Corporate Group are:

  • consolidation of the market via the acquisition of majority packages of shares (stakes) in existing laundry plants,
  • establishing market position of a new Hollywood Rental Sp. z o.o. plant in Sierpc which specialises only in the rental and servicing of work clothes,
  • creating new plants located in the biggest cities in Poland,
  • increasing market share in the laundry industry,
  • increasing volume of activity in the field of rental of bedlinen for healthcare,
  • increasing volume of activity in the field of laundry services and the rental of linen for the hotel industry,
  • using new technologies: RFID system – technology using electronic chips for radio-frequency identification of linen and clothing,
  • distribution machines for issuing clean clothing and collecting used clothing or other items,
  • the environmentally-friendly and completely safe process of dry-cleaning based on green and biodegradable formulations and ingredients,
  • multiple saving systems limiting the consumption of media and affecting the environment in a positive way,
  • implementing organisational and technological solutions to minimise costs at the plant.