Our products are an innovative way to promote your company, providing an increase in effectiveness and communication with the customer, as well as increasing the chances to attract potential customers. Logo mats and carpets with print are available in various colours and can be embellished with your logo, slogan or graphics, allowing you to create a unique and individual corporate identity. Our mats with logos and doormats with print are great tools for increasing awareness of both your product and your brand in the market.

Our logo mats are made of polyamide fibre of the highest grade of quality, and of natural rubber – to provide anti-slip protection. Moreover, they are flexible and lie flat on the ground. They can be used at entrances to buildings, in corridors and in conference rooms and receptions, and are also great for the medical sector. They are an effective and attractive advertising medium that attracts customers’ attention. In addition, they provide protection against dirt and soiling from shoes. Our company produces logo mats with water absorbency up to 6 l/m2 and dirt absorbency up to 4 kg/m2, allowing you to save money on everyday cleaning.

The carpets with print and logo mats offered by our company are printed via the chromojet method using Swiss colourings of the highest quality, meaning we can guarantee the quality and durability of the printing.

How our service works:

  1. Individual arrangements with the customer – mat design, dimensions, conditions of service;
  2. Order processing – production and first delivery to the customer;
  3. Mats are usually exchanged every week;
  4. Systematic laundering, cleaning and maintenance of rented mats;
  5. Full quality control;
  6. Repair of damaged mats;
  7. Constant supervision by a dedicated advisor over the proper provision of the service.

Doormats provide:

  • savings on the costs of cleaning,
  • protection against dirt and dust,
  • protection of costly floors,
  • aesthetics, better impression and opinion of the company.