Medical sector

We have been providing our services to medical facilities for several decades. Our experience with (...)


We have numerous years of experience cooperating with renowned hotels in Poland. Our customer portfolio (...)

Work clothing sector

This is the most promising sector of the laundry industry in Poland. We provide laundry (...)


Comprehensive laundry services

Quality of service is our priority We have numerous years of experience in providing comprehensive laundry (...)

Rental of hospital linen and clothes for medical personnel

We currently offer a full range of bedlinen and surgical linen (barrier), as well as (...)

Rental of work clothing

We offer a full range of work clothing for users in various different industries, for (...)

Rental of hotel textiles

We offer a full range of bedlinen, catering linen and terry towelling. We work only with (...)

Distribution machines

These are part of an automated system for the distribution and return of protective clothing. (...)

Logo mats

Our products are an innovative way to promote your company, providing an increase in effectiveness (...)

Processing ready products

We provide customers with state-of-the-art technology for finishing denim, cotton and linen products and other (...)