These are part of an automated system for the distribution and return of protective clothing. Together they compose a comprehensive tool for clothing turnover. A standard set consists of 1 distribution machine and 1 collection machine for dirty clothes.

In practice – the clothing is marked with RFID chips (tags). Each person logs into the system with a personal card and collects the clothing necessary to perform the surgery. Following the procedure, the clothes are returned to the distribution machine, from where they are transported to the laundry. After laundering, the clothes go back to the distribution machine. All activity is documented and no maintenance from personnel is required. The machine provides added value by helping with facility management. It registers all activity and collects data about the flow of surgical clothing: who collected what amount, when it happened and when it was returned.

The system resolves issues related to the management and distribution of Health and Safety products at production facilities. The global nature of the solution is a response to the following needs:

  • Supervision over the user;
  • Safety and availability of products 24/7;
  • Providing products near to the workplace;
  • Distributing single products;
  • Reducing wear and tear;
  • Analysing and controlling total flow (collections, returns, procurement);
  • Remote access;
  • Automated procurement management;


User recognition
The user logs in with a card or with a code entered via touch screen, and gains access to the operations and products defined for him/her. Those who are not authorised do not have access to the products in the distribution machine.

Choosing operations
The user chooses the required operation – Collection, Return or Replenishment – according to his/her authority.

Then he/she chooses the required item and the quantity. The system then unlocks the appropriate locations, providing access to the items previously entered. The system enables the display of images of articles, descriptions, available amounts, prices and so on.