Quality of service is our priority
We have numerous years of experience in providing comprehensive laundry services. During this period, we have implemented modern solutions and equipment that have allowed us to increase our capacity while maintaining the highest quality of service.

We have a full hygiene barrier with a three-stage changing lock that provides physical and functional division of the plant into clean and dirty zones. It also eliminates the possibility of clean and dirty linen coming into contact with each other (as well as employees of both zones).

At our plants, every customer's linen is laundered in separate cycles, and does not come into contact with the material of other contractors.

We use state-of-the-art laundering machines with automated detergents and disinfectants dispensers. Laundry and disinfection parameters are controlled by additional equipment. We were one of the first in Poland to implement RFID technology in our plants. This is a system for marking customers' textiles with electronic RFID chips, enabling the contactless identification and servicing of laundered textiles. We also provide transportation services and minor clothing repairs. The most important feature of the RFID system is that it eliminates the time-consuming counting of linen and clothing. The system is able to read, for example, the number of articles of clothing, the customer's ID and the history of each item, all thanks to the installed IT infrastructure. It enables maintenance-free performance of activities and prevents personnel from coming into contact with dirty textiles.

We have several laundry plants in Poland, located in different regions, and also one in Germany. The locations of our plants allow us to provide services to chains which have their branches and subsidiaries in different regions of Poland.

Our services are provided using state-of-the-art technology and environment-friendly measures and equipment. We make every effort to reduce the impact of our services on the environment, taking into consideration all aspects – from procurement to waste disposal. It is the only way to create a healthy and future-orientated perspective for all of us.